Overcoming Low Self-Esteem: The Confidence Game

Overcoming low self esteem

Studies have shown that many people to some degree lack self-worth, or have low self-esteem. For these people overcoming low self esteem is difficult because their negative self-image is perpetuated by their belief that their future will only be a mere repetition of their disappointing past. As a result they have resigned themselves to a life void of joy and passion. On the other hand, people with a healthy level of self-esteem and confidence tend to be optimistic about their future and their experience in the present is one of joy and happiness. They feel deserving of the best things in life and their general level of happiness reflects this.

Self-fulfilling Prophesy
Our level of happiness will be consistent with our expectations and self-image. That is to say, our present and future circumstances are directly related to what we expect them to be. If we are plagued with lack of self-esteem and confidence, we in turn expect our future to be no better or even worse than our present circumstances. As a result, we sabotage ourselves to ensure that our outcomes are in alignment with our expectations. This is what is referred to as a self-fulfilling prophesy.

If we consistently expect more of the same outcomes we have experienced in the past our future experience will be consistent with this expectation. On the contrary, if we believe in ourselves and expect a positive future, the outcome will be as good as or even better than we envision.

Overcoming Low Self Esteem Requires a Change in Perspective
For someone with low self-esteem, changing their attitude to one of positive expectation will result in a better quality of life. We change our attitudes by:

1. Looking beyond our circumstances and seeing the possibilities that exist in life.
2. We develop the belief that if what we desire exists in this world then it is possible for us to bring it into our lives.
3. We look at our present situation for the lessons we need to learn, and the opportunities it contains for us to go forward.
4. Learning the lessons from our past and make a decision to do our best to create for ourselves the possibilities we know exist.
5. Keeping this new goal in mind, we then we start to live with purpose.

The quality of your life is simply a reflection of your level of commitment to see the possibilities that exist and to take small but consistent steps while holding a positive attitude. Each small step forward will improve your self-esteem and confidence. Failure to take action however continuously erodes you self-image. Alter your expectations and design a set of goals that are consistent with your new expectations. Seek coaching if necessary to support you in achieving these goals.

A New Future
If we feel good about ourselves and expect to live happy, fulfilled, and successful lives, opportunities that lead to financial abundance, satisfying relationships, and joy will come our way. When we do the necessary work to overcome our self-doubt and feelings of low self-esteem, we can courageously take action with the positive expectation that they will lead to fulfillment, financial abundance, joy, and success. When we consistently expect positive results and then act in congruence with what we expect, we attract all the resources we need to achieve our goal. If we use these resources wisely, we exercise our personal power and set the stage for a fulfilling and successful tomorrow.

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