What is The Find Wealth Matrix? How to Use it to Find Happiness

FIND WEALTH is an acronym that represents the areas in our lives we need to skillfully manage in order to find happiness and live the amazing life we crave. True wealth goes beyond our bank accounts; it is a deep sense of happiness that comes from living our lives in a way that feels good to us.

To create true happiness we need to step away from the “dog-eat-dog” and “nine-to-five till I die approach to life”. On the opposite end of the scale, we need to give up being complacent and waiting for life to happen to us instead of directing the way we want our life to be. If we are to experience true lasting happiness we need an effective medium. That medium can be achieved through the FIND WEALTH matrix which helps us focus on balancing the most important areas of our lives so we can experience true joy and satisfaction with our life.

Let’s explore these ten areas with the FIND WEALTH matrix. The cornerstones of happiness and true wealth can be found in the following elements and are listed in no order of importance:

F – Finances – being financially healthy and living within our means
I – Intellect – feeding our minds
N – Network of relationships – having solid healthy relationships that allow us to add and receive value
D – Deportment – having good manners, respect for ourselves and others, and self expression (speech, posture)

W – Wardrobe – always being appropriately dressed according to our personal style
E – Employment – how we contribute to the world (paid or unpaid)
A – Aesthetics – looking physically appealing in regards to having healthy skin, hair, weight, etc.
L – Leisure – getting adequate rest and relaxation, having hobbies or interests that stimulate us outside of our work
T – Taste buds – consuming healthy, high-quality foods, and beverages for our health
H – Home – maintaining a warm, inviting, beautiful and happy home

Why do we need the FIND Wealth matrix? It is simple; happiness pertains to our lifestyle and everything in it. Only when we have balance within the FIND WEALTH, can we experience true happiness. For instance, being well dressed and driving a Jaguar do not equate to true happiness if someone lacks passion for their work, or is in it simply for the money. As well, being a “nice” but broke person makes us none the happier. We all know of people who have fallen into one or more of the common traps below:

• Have lots of money, but neglect their family, and are always stressed
• Are nice and have potential but can’t seem to get their lives together
• Enjoy their money to extremes, but have no true life purpose, and no real friends
• Have a prestigious, high paying job, but have no time to nourish their home, relationships, nor themselves
• Have great personalities, good relationships, but are always struggling financially
• Are super intelligent, sweet, but are socially awkward and have few friends
• Very attractive but lack intelligence, and have no substantial hobbies or interests
• Have all the comforts of life but have bad lifestyle habits and health problems to prove it

We can avoid these pitfalls by using the FIND WEALTH Matrix so we can experience a path to happiness that is graceful yet practical, balanced yet effective, and in all, extremely rewarding.

The FIND WEALTH Matrix is the most effective way to get out of “I’ll be happy when..” and finally enjoy the quality, joyful life we truly desire. Best of all, the FIND WEALTH Matrix allows us to create this happy life with elegance, ease and grace.

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