What is Your Biggest I'll Be Happy When..?

First things first, I believe everyone has the inherent ability to be happy if they would just release the myth of “I’ll be happy when…” In speaking to both male and female clients I have realized that most of their unhappiness and despair come from three main sources. These become the three primary stumbling blocks that lead them down the path of “I’ll be happy when…” 

  • I’ll be happy when I earn more money
  • I’ll be happy when my wife/husband/children start…
  • I’ll be happy when my boss/parents/the government stop…
  • I’ll be happy when I lose weight
  • I’ll be happy when I am in a relationship

In the end, my clients who are the happiest are those who, with my help, have eliminated these three stumbling blocks are now living the belief of “I am happy now”. They now live with purpose, passion and are truly joyful and much better able to master the challenges that life throws at them.

If you too become aware of the things that are interfering with your happiness and take steps to overcome them, you can radically transform your life into one that inspires and excites you. You will wake up every day with a passion for life and experience the happiness you really desire. If you are ready to get out of the trap of “I’ll be happy when…” then I invite you to sign up for our free email course to once and for all eliminate the 3 biggest stumbling blocks to you being happy.

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